"I have loved, really loved, a few people and it always seemed to be tragic or something equally neurotic. When I am with you I feel happy. I guess that sentence says the whole thing and says what I meant in the first place. It isn’t only that you make no demands on me as a woman but that you don’t feel you have to and yet I still feel like a woman. Well, damn it, there isn’t anything wrong with a wild romantic fantasy and it is the warmest blurting forth to tell you that I feel comfortable with you AND that you attract me (all at once). What I meant is simply that I love you…but I’m not in love with you…that it isn’t necessary to be IN love with you. Maybe you don’t know it, damn it…but there aren’t many around like you (not any). You make me happy but that doesn’t meant I own any of you. None of that is fantasy."